Yayasan Harapan Sumba is a non-government institution established with the aim of working with the communities and the government to carry out positive changes in the lives of small communities in the administrative district of Sumba Barat Daya, island of Sumba, NTT, Indonesia.


YHS aims to empower small communities to help themselves to overcome fundamental problems in the fields of health, clean water & sanitation, education and socio-economics.





Yayasan Harapan Sumba  was established to help people in remote areas to empower and develop themselves.   We pursue these goals as follows:


  1. a) Aiding the implementation of formal and non-formal education, whether organized by the government, the private sector or the communities, to give young people the chance of a good education.
  2. b) Helping to increase community awareness and empowerment in the health sector.
  3. c) Increasing the prosperity of the community through socio-economic programs.
  4. d) Increasing community awareness and empowerment in the field of household economic governance.
  5. e) Increasing community awareness and advocacy about the importance of environmental and natural resource sustainability.
  6. f) Facilitating the community’s ability to participate in decision-making affecting the community.
  7. g) Helping people to obtain access to information.
  8. h) Running and developing partnerships with government and non-government agencies working within the community.
  9. i) Concern and help for children and adults with disabilities .