YHS Education Program

Increasing the Opportunities and Access to Education of Sumbanese Children

The YHS education program has included building new school classrooms and meeting halls, purchasing furniture (chairs, desks, cupboards, blackboards,), books and school equipment, construction of basic sanitation facilities (water tanks and toilets), scholarships, and  lessons in Clean and Healthy Behavior /CLTS.

Some of the achievements of the YHS education program are:

  • Purchase in 2017 of books and science laboratory equipment for Deo Gloriam Wanno Mutu Junior High School, Laga Lete Village, West Wewewa District. This is a community-run school started in 2010 because there was no secondary school within daily travel distance of six large desas.
  • Building of school classrooms, water tanks, toilets and bathrooms and purchase of school furniture for Kalembu Danga, Ande Ate, Pemuda and Kere Mareda primary schools. This last school also received houses for teachers, a well and a library.
  • Building of school classrooms, housing and offices for teachers, an large assembly hall, water tanks, toilets and bathrooms for Wee Londa primary school. All of this was built with a major donation from the family of Mr. Gerard Hilte, from the Netherlands.  The family has supported the school since 2006 and has also provided school uniforms, shoes, books and bags for the students.   They continue to pay salaries and university scholarships for several teachers.
  • Construction of classrooms, sanitation (toilets, bathrooms and water tanks) and furniture for Lete Garona, Padede Weri and Ringgita primary schools, all in desa Kali Ngara.
  • Scholarships for 10 university students to attend nursing, midwifery and teacher training schools.

The future plans being prepared by YHS are to provide literacy and environmental education both in the formal schools and the informal, community-run schools.  We will continue to support Deo Gloriam Junior High School which needs to double in size to accommodate all the children graduating from primary school in its area.