Early Steps towards a Green Economy and Clean Energy

From March 2015 onwards YHS has collaborated with Yayasan Rumah Energi(YRE) to develop the use of renewable energy in Sumbanese homes.   We facilitate construction of home biogas reactors for fuel, and the use of the biogas waste (bio-slurry) as liquid and solid organic fertilizer, fish feed (pellets) and for growing lemna  -a high protein weed for animal feed.

We have so far helped build 226 biogas reactors in 25 villages in Sumba Barat Daya and the local the town of Waikabubak.   In the first year YRE financed 80% of the cost and the homeowners paid 20%.  From April 2016 to December 2017 this became 70% to 30%, and future users will pay a higher proportion.

YRE funds the purchase of stoves and accessories, cement and iron.  The users supply local materials (rock, sand and gravel), water, unskilled labour and food. YHS locates and vets the households, organizes supplies, monitors the building, maintenance and later use of the units.

The use of biogas as cooking fuel reduces the women’s workload, stops the use of wood for fuel, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improves women’s health – no more eye and lung problems from smoky kitchens.  It eliminates the cost of (buying firewood, kerosene and fertilizer.  Some users are selling biogas waste as fertilizer, making it a new source of family income.

YHS will be helping interested users to develop green businesses based on bio-slurry and to develop other renewable energy sources. YHS’s big dream for the future is to realize a green economy, to create a prosperous and environmentally sustainable society.